Frequently Asked Questions


We thrilled that you’re interested in our Meow-vellous flavors. These are our varieties:

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Merlot
Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Grigio
Semi Sweet Red
Semi Sweet White
Semi Dry Red
Semi Dry White
GatoNegro Breeze Tropical
GatoNegro Breeze Red Fruits

If you want to tRRReat yourself to one of them, ask your favorite store if they’re available in your country.

For more information about our iRRResistible varieties, enter here.

To keep our flavor puRRRfect, we recommend you finish the wine within a week of opening the bottle and, as these are young wines with low alcoholic content, store your GatoNegro in a cool place. Finally, so as not to lose its fRRResh and delicious qualities, remember to enjoy the wine within 2 – 3 years of the harvest year.

This is a Meow-nificent question!
According to the experts, the best way to store a bottle of wine sealed with a cork is horizontally in a cool environment, away from direct light. But if your wine has a screw cap, RRRelax: simply keep it away from direct light at a cool temperature.Don’t forget that to keep our delicious qualities, the best way to enjoy our wine is to finish the bottle within a week of opening it, and, of course, drink it at the temperature recommended on the label.

We adoRRRe this question!
Our name, logo and brand are thanks to a pet that originally accompanied our winemaker throughout the development of our wines. We think he gave us luck so that today we can surprise you with our Meow-nificent flavors.

If you’re vegetarian, we can guarantee you’ll adoRRRe our wines, so go ahead and tRRRy them. Vegans, however, should note that our wines contain traces of albumin, eggs or gelatin used in the stabilizing process.

Our wines are made using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast, which is the same one used in the production of beer and bread.

Our wines do contain sulfites, as they help avoid oxidization as well as maintaining our delicious flavoRRR the same over time. But don’t worry: The amount is very small, keeping in accordance with international norms, and is not harmful to our health. You can find this information on the back label of your GatoNegro.

We’re so happy that you want to introduce more people to our Meow-nificent flavors!To assist you, please visit our “Contact” section and send us the following information: Your country, name of the person in charge, phone number and email. Once received, we’ll get in touch directly with you.

Wine salt is great for highlighting the Meow-vellous flavors of our wines and their pairings. Get inspired by our puRRRfect recipes and tempt yourself with our flavoRRRful Summer RRRosé or mouthwatering Ricotta and Mushroom Garlic Bread, among others.